1.1. All goods purchased in our store www.trxtraining.lv have a manufacturer's warranty.

1.2. The minimum warranty period is 24 months. You can specify the warranty period by phone: 67994044.

1.3. To use the warranty, you will need to present the original proof of purchase (i.e. invoice).

1.4. The warranty conditions do not apply to:

- goods sold in addition to the accessories, supplies and batteries included in the goods (e.g. headphones, microphones, batteries, chargers, antennas, remote controls, connecting cords, lamps, etc.), as well as glass, porcelain and paper parts, plastic handles or parts, the wear and tear of whichis normal;

- minor defects which do not affect the functioning of the product itself, such as erasure of inscriptions on the product;

- parts of goods damaged as a result of natural wear and tear.

1.5. The manufacturer's warranty is void if:

- the product has damaged warranty seals, serial numbers, aswell as unauthorized repair of the product;

- damage caused by a natural disaster (flood, storm, fire, earthquake, etc.) or by accident;

- non-standard power supplies, accessories and spare parts, as well as raw materials were used;

- if the damage is due to other independent circumstances, such as voltage fluctuations in the mains exceeding 10% of normal, the use of non-standard power supplies, the goods are mechanically damaged, ingress of foreign bodies or moisture, etc .;

- if regular service has not been performed (applied to goods that need it);

- if the purchased product has been used for production and non-standard professional purposes not provided for in the instructions for use;

- the operating instructions have not been followed or have been violated.

1.6. Product warranty issues are reviewed by trxtraining.lv on the basis of the provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law and warranty periods set by manufacturers.


1.7. Buyers have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days and return the product purchased in the online store to the seller in accordance with the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No. 207. In order to exercise this right, the product must be in the condition in which it was received. If the product is worn and /or damaged, if it is not in the original packaging, or its packaging is significantly damaged (unless the buyer is unable to open the packaging without damaging it), in order to protect the product from damage or spoilage, our store has the right not to accept the product .


1.8. Prices, product offer and balances in the online store are subject to change without notice;

1.9. All prices in the Trxtraining online store are indicated in euros with 21% VAT included. Intra-EU supplies are not subject to any additional taxes.

2.0. EU companies that are VAT payers and are not located in Latvia can purchase goods without 21% VAT. In this case, the Buyer is responsible for paying taxes in accordance with the laws of the recipient country.


2.1. All the information that the customer enters in the trxtraining online store is necessary for us to perform quality order processing and customer service. This information is the property of SIA GKolizejs and is in no way passed on to third parties (unless necessary to ensure the delivery or other expected service).

2.2. In order to perform quality order processing, we need the following information:

Customer's Name, Surname - so that we can specify anauthorized recipient for the order

Delivery address - so that we can deliver the goods

Contact phone - so that the courier service or customer consultant can contact the customer

E-mail - is used for authorization in the online store, an order confirmation is sent to it, as well as is used for communication with the customer. Advertising information is never sent to e-mail without the customer's permission!


2.3. We do not have access to your passwords! If you have forgotten your password - use the "I forgot my password" field and the system will send you a link to your e-mail where you can also change your password.


2.4. If you do not reply to the courier and don't take product from courier at the time specified by the courier, don't take out product from parcel machine in specified time interval, we do not compensate second shipment of product. If you have missed time which was specified by courier department, you will need to pay for second shipment. If there is a problem and you can not be at couriers specified time and location, then please contact courier service - we are not responsible for that.

2.5. If you do not want that we ship product second time, on your expenses, and want to cancel the purchase, first delivery costs, which we have already payed are deducted from the final amount of money we are returning to you.


2.6. If you have bought product at our shop, although in reality it is not in our warehouse, then we are going to return the money which you have paid for particular product. If you want to find best replacement for that product, feel free to contact us, we are going to recommend the best alternative!

In case of any uncertainties or questions, please call 67994044 or write to e-mail info@trxtraining.lv